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Does the new name "National Catholic Church" mean that we are no longer the "Polish National Catholic Church"?
No, dropping the word "Polish" from the church name on our advertisements is meant to demonstrate that we are a Catholic Church for everyone, but our original name of the church remains the legal operational name.
What does the National Catholic Church believe in regarding Jesus Christ?
We profess our faith in the statement of the Nicene Creed during the Holy Mass.
Is this a Catholic Church, recognized by Rome and the Orthodox Church?
Absolutely, yes.
Is the National Catholic Church under the auspices of the Pope?
No, we have been independent since 1897.
If I'm not Catholic, can I still join the parish?
Absolutely, yes. We hold the term "Catholic" to its original meaning: "Universal" and we currently have parish members from about 14 different denominational backgrounds.
Can National Catholic Church priests get married and have families?
Absolutely, yes. Celibacy was voted out of the National Catholic Church in the 1920's by The General Synod.
What is the General Synod?
The General Synod is the highest governing body of the National Catholic Church, which is comprised of delegates elected by each parish.
Do I have to join the church as a member in order to worship God here at St. Paul's?
Absolutely not.
Can I receive Communion here?
If you are baptized and believe that Jesus is truly present in the Holy Eucharist, then absolutely, yes.
Can I receive Communion even if I was divorced?
Absolutely, yes.
How is Communion administered in the National Catholic Church?
The priest intincts (dips) the Body of Christ into the precious Blood and places the Eucharist on the tongue of the recipient. He says, “The Body and Blood of Christ” and the recipient responds, “Amen.”
Can I receive Communion with my hands?
This is a Roman Catholic custom and not our tradition, so please come to Communion with your hands folded in prayer and receive the Eucharist orally, unless you have a medical condition pertaining to the wine or bread used. Please see Father Mark about this if you have any questions or require reception by hand.
If I become a member, how much money am I required to give?
Please pray about and consider tithing, but be assured that tithing is by no means a requirement for membership. There is a current $125 annual offering per member, which is used to help fund the diocese and general church. Additionally, a box containing weekly and special offering envelopes is given to each parish member or family to help you stay organized. We currently ask a weekly minimum of at least $20 per single member and $30 per couple or family. If you are unable to afford this, you do not have to pay it. You are asked only to give according to your ability. Please know you will not lose your membership if you are financially unable to meet the minimum amount.
Are snow birds still required to send their weekly offering?
Please, yes, but if you experience financial constraints then please consider sending a reduced amount until you return.
How often do I have to attend church to remain a member?
A minimum of once per year, unless other arrangements are made with the Pastor. (i.e. military, etc...)
What do I do if I decide I want to convert and become a National Catholic?
Please see the pastor. You are encouraged to attend bible study and classes to help prepare you to receive the Sacraments of the Church. For example, there are classes for those who will be receiving their First Holy Communion and Confirmation.
Do I have to be Polish to join the church?
Of course not.
What are some of the ongoing activities of the parish?
Bi-annual Youth Convocation
Stations of the Cross
Annual Blessing of the Animals
Holy Saturday Blessing of Food
Annual Parish Meeting
Quarterly Parish Committee Meetings
Bi-weekly Women's Prayer Group
St. Paul Hold'em Tournament
Parish Golf League
AA Open Meetings at Social Hall (Mondays at 12 noon, Wednesdays at 10am and 7pm)
NA Open Meetings at Social Hall (Mondays at 7:30pm)
Bible Study at Social Hall (October - Holy Week, Thursdays at 10am, complimentary refreshments served at 9:45am)
Weekly Friday Night Spaghetti Dinner (4 - 7pm)
After praying over all this, how do I become part of the church family at St. Paul's?
See our membership chairperson Debbie Niznik​ or our pastor, Father Mark​ for the one page, easy to fill out membership form.